3 Tips To Speed Up Your Weight Loss Process

Every woman on planet Earth wants to know how to instantly lose weight overnight fast. However, most women don’t know¬†how to do it, or know whether it’s even possible. The following are some tips and advice to help women around the world lose weight faster.

Add interval sprinting into your exercise routine. Interval sprinting is such a powerful exercise in terms of getting you weight loss results, and is the reason why I always recommend it in all of my posts. It’s that powerful. Interval sprinting combines the best of both worlds – cardiovascular exercises with short bodyweight exercises. It allows you to improve your cardiovascular health while improving your muscle strength without completely wasting time on your workout such as jogging (where if you include the time needed to ‘prep’, the entire thing probably wastes 40 to 60 minutes every day).

Workout in the morning if possible. Working out increases your metabolism for the day. If you workout in the morning, it will increase your metabolic rate for the entire day. This is the reason why I recommend you to workout in the morning if you want faster weight loss results, instead of working out at night. Working out at night is only better if you’re trying to build muscle.

Third of all, ensure that you use progressive overload for EVERY workout, and make sure to steadily reduce calories until you see weight loss. Most people stagnate after some time, and only reduce calories and/or increase exercise intensity. This is bad. If you want to lose weight quicker, then make sure to do both every single day!!!!!

If you want the results, put in the effort and you will succeed.

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