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Famous Women Weight Loss Coaches On YouTube

Here is my view of some of the most famous women weight loss coaches on YouTube.

The first and most popular one would be AlvinChua91. Virtually of his techniques revolve around losing weight without needing any equipment and while still eating anything you want – yes it sounds absolutely amazing yet impossible until you check out his channel. I was blown away the first time I learnt about his methods, which is why I’m still a loyal fan of AlvinChua91 till this day since watching this channel a few years ago. I believe that’s the reason why his channel became famous among women who want to lose weight without making an overnight change to their lifestyle.

The second one would be Joanna Soh. One of the most famous women weight loss coaches also, Joanna teaches women how to lose weight by making small changes to their lives, by performing effective weight loss exercises as well as meal preparation. If you have more time, and want to prepare your own meals e.t.c., then Joanna is a good choice for you, otherwise, stick to AlvinChua91.

The third one would be XHIT Daily. Although they’re more of a general fitness channel, I would say that women who want to gear up into shape should check out their channel!This is more suited for those who are ‘exercise junkies’.

There you go, three of the most famous coaches on YouTube. Which one should you follow? The one whose style fits you the most! Just check out their YouTube channels, as they have very different personalities and teach you different things. Find whichever appeals most to you, and follow them 🙂 There you go! Hope I helped and that you achieve a much slimmer body in a short time!

3 Tips To Speed Up Your Weight Loss Process

Every woman on planet Earth wants to know how to instantly lose weight overnight fast. However, most women don’t know how to do it, or know whether it’s even possible. The following are some tips and advice to help women around the world lose weight faster.

Add interval sprinting into your exercise routine. Interval sprinting is such a powerful exercise in terms of getting you weight loss results, and is the reason why I always recommend it in all of my posts. It’s that powerful. Interval sprinting combines the best of both worlds – cardiovascular exercises with short bodyweight exercises. It allows you to improve your cardiovascular health while improving your muscle strength without completely wasting time on your workout such as jogging (where if you include the time needed to ‘prep’, the entire thing probably wastes 40 to 60 minutes every day).

Workout in the morning if possible. Working out increases your metabolism for the day. If you workout in the morning, it will increase your metabolic rate for the entire day. This is the reason why I recommend you to workout in the morning if you want faster weight loss results, instead of working out at night. Working out at night is only better if you’re trying to build muscle.

Third of all, ensure that you use progressive overload for EVERY workout, and make sure to steadily reduce calories until you see weight loss. Most people stagnate after some time, and only reduce calories and/or increase exercise intensity. This is bad. If you want to lose weight quicker, then make sure to do both every single day!!!!!

If you want the results, put in the effort and you will succeed.

Reducing And Losing Inner Thigh Fats For Women

If you want to get a slimmer thigh, or perhaps even a thigh gap, you will first need to reduce on losing fat. This is because most women tend to store their fats around their inner and upper thighs (other than the waistline). This means that you would need to lose off the fats and also ensure that you don’t build bulky leg muscles underneath – if you want to get the look of having a slimmer pair of thighs.

Watch the above video for the full tutorial. However, here is a quick summary of the above YouTube video:
– Make sure to not use weighted squats or sprint uphill/up stairs because you don’t want to build big thigh muscles.
– Also make sure to not eat too much protein, or you will gain bulky muscles at your thigh muscles area easily.

If you’re interested in losing stomach fat and reducing waistline instead, then check out my previous post here:

Is Losing Weight Overnight Possible?

Losing weight overnight is certainly the holy grail of all women who want to lose weight. However, is it really possible? Watch the following video to find out.

Let me give you a hint though: If you implement the tips in the video, you will see nearly ‘overnight’ success, but this ‘overnight’ is fast but still takes around a few days to a few weeks.

With that said, I think the best solution is to let the expert walk through it for you instead in the video below on losing weight overnight for women!

How To Get A Smaller Waist For Women

Losing belly fat and getting a slimmer stomach is a big goal of most women around the world. Here is a discussion of some of the common suggested solutions to solving the problem of belly fat, and whether or not if these are actually useful and effective.

First and foremost, if you want to lose stomach fat, you probably have heard of corsets. Do corsets work? Well, they do… IF you intend to wear them FOREVER. Look, when you take out your corset, your figure will go back to the original size after a short while. It is so far from being a permanent solution.

Second of all, you must have seen some weird vibrating gadget which you will stick onto your belly and it is supposed to magically make your fats disappear. These gadgets are also sometimes endorsed by celebrities or sports athletes. However, think about it, why do these gadgets only come out YEARS (at least, sometimes, decades) after these celebrities and athletes have ALREADY gotten into great shape? That’s because these devices are completely useless and just a gimmick by these equipment companies to profit off the ignorance of people looking for ‘success without effort’.

Third of all, you must have heard of jogging. However, did you know that jogging is one of the worst exercises to lose weight? Remember that when it comes to making exercises work to help you lose stomach fat, you must incorporate progressive overload into the exercises. To increase progressive overload for jogging, you will need to jog longer (which is not feasible after a certain point, as you will probably need to jog for over 30-40 minutes once you’re super advanced). The alternate to use progressive overload when it comes to jogging is to jog quicker (same distance but within a shorter period of time). However, this is hard to control because the entire jog is quite long, and it will be difficult for you to consistently decrease the time needed for you to jog a certain fixed distance.

The best exercise is actually interval sprinting if you want to lose stomach fat. And if you want to tone up your abdominal muscles? Leg raises!