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How To Get A Smaller Waist For Women

Losing belly fat and getting a slimmer stomach is a big goal of most women around the world. Here is a discussion of some of the common suggested solutions to solving the problem of belly fat, and whether or not if these are actually useful and effective.

First and foremost, if you want to lose stomach fat, you probably have heard of corsets. Do corsets work? Well, they do… IF you intend to wear them FOREVER. Look, when you take out your corset, your figure will go back to the original size after a short while. It is so far from being a permanent solution.

Second of all, you must have seen some weird vibrating gadget which you will stick onto your belly and it is supposed to magically make your fats disappear. These gadgets are also sometimes endorsed by celebrities or sports athletes. However, think about it, why do these gadgets only come out YEARS (at least, sometimes, decades) after these celebrities and athletes have ALREADY gotten into great shape? That’s because these devices are completely useless and just a gimmick by these equipment companies to profit off the ignorance of people looking for ‘success without effort’.

Third of all, you must have heard of jogging. However, did you know that jogging is one of the worst exercises to lose weight? Remember that when it comes to making exercises work to help you lose stomach fat, you must incorporate progressive overload into the exercises. To increase progressive overload for jogging, you will need to jog longer (which is not feasible after a certain point, as you will probably need to jog for over 30-40 minutes once you’re super advanced). The alternate to use progressive overload when it comes to jogging is to jog quicker (same distance but within a shorter period of time). However, this is hard to control because the entire jog is quite long, and it will be difficult for you to consistently decrease the time needed for you to jog a certain fixed distance.

The best exercise is actually interval sprinting if you want to lose stomach fat. And if you want to tone up your abdominal muscles? Leg raises!