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FAQs About Singapore’s Social Escort Girls

Just like other countries, you can hire social escorts in Singapore as well. Here are some commonly asked questions that people have emailed me about Singapore’s social escort industry, and so I shall publicly answer them here once and for all:

  • What’s the purpose of hiring a social escort?
    There are many work industries in the financial and legal sector in Singapore, where image and status to clients is very important if you want to close big deals. This is particularly true in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong, where image is everything. Therefore, many men like to engage social escorts, who are highly attractive women, to act as their plus 1 at business events or gala dinners.
  • I have heard that social escorts have sex with their clients?
    Social escorts do not actually have sex with their clients as part of their work. There is a reason they are called social escorts and not prostitutes. They are models who will accompany clients to events and act as their plus 1. Sex is not part of their job scope. If you have heard of such stories before, it’s something that the model and the clients wish to engage in on their own accord, and it’s not part of escorting service. Don’t get your hopes too high 😉
  • Are all social escort businesses registered?
    The legal ones are. The illegal ones aren’t. They’re not protecting your identity if you engage an unregistered business. They’re trying to cheat the government of tax money as well as make it harder for you to trace their identity in the event of fraud. Don’t work with a unregistered company or you risk getting yourself into potential legal issues… and you know how strict Singapore’s police force it. Thankfully there are registered and above board social escort agencies in Singapore. Here’s an example of one – SG VIP Escorts.
  • Why do companies charge much more if I were to engage the escort for a public event?
    Most companies charge different prices if you were to go on a private date versus bringing the girl to a  public event. This is because the chances of the girl being recognized by her family or friends is significantly higher if you were to bring the girl to a public event. As privacy is highly valued in Singapore, due to the conservative nature of this industry in Singapore, as a result, it costs much more to bring girls to a public events than private dates.
  • How can I make sure that what I see online is what I get in real life?
    Most legitimate social escort agencies based in Singapore will offer you a ‘free exchange’ or full refund if the girl that they show on their website look different from that you see in real life when you meet them. It’s not a concern AS LONG AS you deal only with agencies, and those which are registered. Hence, once again, it’s super important only to deal with registered agencies.
  • How can I know if the agency is registered?
    If they ask you to transfer money as a deposit into a POSB account, it’s almost always a scam. A professional agency which will have your backing should have a corporate bank account for accounting purposes. Additionally, the agency should have a business or company UEN. This UEN can then be verified independently by you against ACRA’s database online at Www.BizFile.Gov.SG

Hopefully I have answered most of the questions that most of you like to ask me! If there’s any more questions, feel free to comment below. Cheers.

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