Making Great Poses For Wedding Photographs

Posing is one of the most important things a photographer and couples must know to look good in their wedding photos. It’s absolutely essential for couples to master this skill to look as good as possible and it’s the responsibility of any professional photographer to masters this crucial skill to help their clients look great in their photographs.

Check out the above video by Jason Lanier. His portfolio clearly speaks for itself, as you can already see from the video’s thumbnail – it looks absolutely out of this world and amazing! Ever wondered why such photos look great? It’s not just because of great post editing, it’s because of great poses too! The more generic your pose, and the less suitable it is for your body, the worse you will look. Therefore, it’s a very important skill to master.

If you’re a photographer, make sure to study hard to learn and become that of a similar level as Jason.

As a photography client, make sure to find a great studio like They will help you pose great poses as you can see from the other couples within their portfolio on their website.

How to find reputable wedding photographers in Singapore

Everyone will want to hire a reputable and capable wedding photographer to handle their wedding photography. Wedding memories are too precious for them not to be captured properly. Few people will be willing to risk the quality of their wedding pictures by hiring amateur wedding photographers. Hence, finding reputable wedding photographers in Singapore is a top priority for couples in Singapore.

There are various ways to find these reputable wedding photographers.

Firstly, you can make use of the power of internet to find these reputable Singapore wedding photographers. The internet contains huge source of information. You just have to know how to make use of the internet. You can use the search engines to discover websites with topics related to reputable wedding photographers in Singapore. These websites may be owned by the reputable wedding photographers themselves. If not, these websites may be third party websites such as forums, blogs, or review websites talking about the reputable wedding photographers in Singapore. Of course, it will be better to get a holistic picture by considering those third party websites to ascertain the reliability and reputation of the wedding photographers. Always look around for more information. Do not depend on just a single source of information.

Secondly, you can browse bridal magazines such as the Blissful Brides magazine in Singapore to expose yourself to reputable wedding photographers in Singapore. Some professional wedding photographers may be in their 40s and 50s and are not tech savvy. Thus, they may not know how to make use of the internet to advertise their services. Instead, they will stick to these traditional means of advertising. This is why you may spot some wedding photographers on the bridal magazine whom you did not come across on the internet.

Thirdly, you can ask your friends for recommendations on reputable wedding photographers in Singapore. I firmly believe in the power of word of mouth marketing. If the photography services are really good, I am sure your friends will recommend the photographers to you. If not, you will have to rely on method 1 and 2 as mentioned above to source for reputable wedding photographers in Singapore!

5 things you should take note when booking your wedding photographer

Booking your wedding photographer should be a joyful experience. It’s one step closer to your marriage with your other half. Throughout the years, we have heard many recalled their bad experiences booking their wedding photographers. There are some common mistakes made by others that we wish you to avoid. Without further ado, these are 5 things you should take note when booking your wedding photographer.

1. Book your photographer early!
It is common to book your wedding photographer at least 1 year in advance in Singapore. There are not much capable wedding photographers in Singapore to cater to the high demand. If you want a popular and highly professional wedding photographer to take your wedding photographs, make sure to book him early to avoid disappointment! I will recommend you to make the booking as soon as you finalized the wedding banquet date.

2. Confirm the services and products included in your wedding photography package!
Different wedding photography packages offer different levels of services and products. Make sure all the things you need are covered under the wedding package. Else, you will need to top up extra money to purchase the additional services or products not included in your wedding packages.

3. Cancellations must be made way in advance to avoid penalty!
If you want to cancel the wedding photography packages, you will need to do it way in advance (usually at least 6 months) in order to get your full refund back. Giving less than 6 months notice may render some of your deposits forfeited.

4. The cost of accommodation and air ticket is not included inside overseas wedding photography packages!
If you want your wedding photographer to accompany you and your spouse overseas for your wedding photo shoot, please take note that the overseas wedding photography packages usually do not include the cost of accommodation and air ticket for the wedding photographer. These are costs you will need to pay for to bring the photographer overseas for your photo shoot.

5. Check whether the wedding photographer drives!
During your pre wedding photo shoot, if your wedding photographer does not drive, you will probably need to. Alternatively, you will need to book a car and a driver for the entire day. This will make traveling around Singapore for your wedding photo shoots easy. No one takes the public transport during the days of their pre wedding photo shoots.

With all the above said, a great photographer from Singapore would be Grandeur Wedding Studio at Address: #02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595 Phone: 6681 5798. They provide really good service and the portfolio shown on their website looks fantastic in my opinion.

Considerations when taking wedding photography in Singapore

Every year, there are thousands of couples taking their wedding photography in Singapore. Most of them are Singaporeans. If you ask around the market, most Singaporeans will rather to take their wedding photo shoots (especially the pre wedding photo shoots) in Singapore than taking them overseas. Of course, having your wedding photo shoots in Singapore instead of overseas can save you a lot of trouble planning your itinerary, accommodation, and logistics. However, there are still some considerations you need to take note when taking wedding photography in Singapore.

Firstly, when planning to take your local wedding photography in Singapore, you will first need to ensure the day is completely free. If you are employed, go apply for a full day leave as early as possible. Do not book half day leave as you will feel rushed during the day which will affect your mood for the photo shoot. Ensure that your leave is approved before you confirm the wedding photo shoot date with the wedding photographer. If your wedding photo shoot will last more than one day, remember to apply for the required number of leaves accordingly. If you are self-employed, plan someone trustworthy and capable to take over your role during the days of the photo shoots to ensure the smooth business operations without your interference.

Secondly, if you or your spouse are shy to strike poses, especially in front of people you know, please sound out to the wedding photographers. They will try to mitigate this issue. One solution to mitigate this issue is to arrange the photo shoot at more secluded locations with few people. As a result, few people will be at the photo shoot location. Moreover, the chances of the people you know going to these places are even lower.

Thirdly, if you or your spouse tires easily, you will need to sound out to the wedding photographers as well. He will then plan shorter photo shoot sessions and longer and more break times in between. Your wedding photo shoot will take longer hours but you will feel less tired during and after the photo shoot.

Another consideration to take note when taking the local wedding photography in Singapore is to engage a make up artist to accompany you and your spouse the entire day of your wedding photo shoot. Both of you will definitely need touch-ups from time to time, especially if you sweat under the hot weather. This will ensure you looking the best in front of the camera at all times.

wedding gowns

5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Gown Boutique

Here are some questions that you should ask your local Singapore wedding gown boutique store before renting or buying your wedding gowns and dresses from them.

  1. Ask them if they have any free trying-on of the clothes. There are companies which allow for free trying-on of their wedding gowns and dresses (at least one or two of them). Therefore, you should ask them if they provide this service. Some of them might not tell you or forget to tell you that they offer such a free trial, so it would be a waste if you did not actually ask them for it when they actually do have it.
  2. Ask them if you are allowed to pick up the dress upon rental or are you only allowed to pick it up on the day of the photo shoot. Some bridal gown boutiques in Singapore have different rules for their wedding gown rental and you should clarify all these small details with them. After all, you should plan for your wedding in advance and you should have more than enough time to sort out these details.
  3. Ask them for their packages and pricing. Minimally, you want to know their price range right from the beginning. You don’t want to pick a gown that suits you so much only to find out that it costs you $20,000 over your budget because it was a designer gown. You don’t need to know the exact prices of the wedding gowns sold by a particular boutique until you’ve confirmed you want it, but you should still ideally know the price range and whether it fits into your budget before trying on their dresses.
  4. Finally, after picking the ideal dress, you want to find out how and when they need you to return the wedding dress if you had rented it instead of purchased it outright.

Singapore Wedding Photography Studio Reviews

Here’s a post on the various wedding photography studios located in Singapore and the respective reviews for them.

First of all, let us look at Bloc Memoire. I think this is one of the more popular wedding photography studios in Singapore, and rightly so. They provide a really unique packaging for your wedding photographs. First of all, from when I last checked, they don’t provide digital photographs to you usually, and they will print it out in film for you. Then they will store all that into a cute little box and give the entire decorated box to you. I think it looks adorable and couples who love something cute should check out Bloc Memoire.

Second of all, let us check out Grandeur Wedding Singapore. I think they would be the ideal choice for couples who want something glitzy and grand as their name suggests. The photographs that they’ve taken also give off that feeling. The good thing is that despite their grand and glitzy wedding photographs they take, they are surprisingly extremely affordable! Maybe that’s why they’re so popular in Singapore because they provide good wedding photography at very reasonable prices.

Third of all, Nat Studios is great for couples who want to take overseas wedding photography. They are based in Singapore and their photographers are from Singapore as well. However, their real specialty is in pre-photography for couples at a trip to a country of their choice. One thing to note is that although their photographs look pretty stunning, they cost quite a fair bit of money to engage (because you would also need to pay for the wedding photographer’s accommodation and air tickets).

I think the above 3 wedding photography studios are the best in Singapore that you can possibly find and engage. If you go with either Bloc Memoire, Grandeur Wedding Singapore or Nat Studios, you will be satisfied.

Why Couples Should Get Wedding Videography Too!

In this day and age, I recommend that couples with the necessary budget to go for wedding videography services in Singapore too and this is why you should do so.

A wedding video (e.g. like this one by Andy and Sonia) is able to complete the wedding day memory. For example, if you were to only get wedding photography, what you will realize after the marriage and the actual day wedding ceremony in Singapore is that you would soon forget about the atmosphere and the sounds and laughter or you, your spouse as well as your guests. All these cannot be captured with photographs. Although photographs are meant for easy display for family members and friends, a wedding video can be very intimate and create a special bonding between you and your spouse whenever you view the wedding video.

Second of all, there are some scenes which the wedding photographer might have missed out accidentally. There can only be so many places which the photographer can look at at every point in time, and hence there may be some cute or interesting scenes at your wedding which he or she might have missed out photographing. However, with a wedding videographer as well, you are able to capture everything that happens at the marriage ceremony including the bridal shower.

Third of all, every bride wants her wedding to be the most unique and special one by far (at least among all her friends and family members). Fewer people in Singapore take wedding videography, therefore, by engaging wedding videography services in Singapore and having a unique wedding video, you would be able to make yours much more magical and ‘better’ than your friends and family members! Isn’t that so awesome?

Finally, a wedding videographer used to cost a lot of money. However, in this day and age with talented videographers in Singapore and the decreasing prices of electronic devices, bridal videography services have dropped significantly in prices – in fact it costs almost the same as it was 20 years ago! That means you’re getting it at a huge discount because you need to factor in inflation as well.

What To Note About Your Wedding Photographer

Regardless whether you choose a wedding photography studio like or a single photographer like from, there are some things that you must note when it comes to wedding photography in Singapore.

First and foremost, just because your friends have engaged wedding photographers who have also helped them book a bridal car and given them flush mount album does not necessarily mean that all wedding photographers in Singapore will provide that. You need to clarify all these with the photographer or studio that you’re actually engaging. Some studios have everything packaged within their services for you at additional costs while others simply do not do it at all. There is no definitive answer on which type of service you should go for, you need to decide on that with your fiance.

Secondly, your wedding photographer only knows how to ask his or her photo subjects to pose, take beautiful photographs and edit them. However, he or she does not know how to read minds and may not necessarily and accurately capture the photographs of the more important guests at your wedding event. Therefore, it is important for you to appoint someone, either a friend or family member, to point out the important people in your life to the wedding photographer on the actual day of the wedding ceremony. This is to allow the photographer to capture more images of the more important people in your life instead of capturing random guests.

Third of all, the photographer has one job at your wedding ceremony – to take images. Therefore, do not expect him or her to seek for permission to take photographs at a particular spot. If you choose to hold your wedding at an indoor place (e.g. a church) which for whatever reason does not allow for photography, do not blame your wedding photographer. The onus is on everyone to find that out and not just the photographer.

Finally, since there are a lot of foreigners who want their photography session in Singapore, here’s something for you to note. Wedding photographers in Singapore do not require tips on top of whatever you pay for them. Therefore, whatever you pay for their wedding photography services is net and you do not have to factor in any other extra charges. I realized that some couples didn’t know about this and hence think that prices in Singapore are expensive when they really aren’t.