Singapore Social Escort Companies’ Ratings And Reviews

There are many small agencies with some larger agencies in Singapore when it comes to the social escort industry. Here are some of the ratings and reviews of the very best and largest social escort companies in Singapore.

First of all, it will be SG VIP Escorts (check out their website here: Specializing in Singaporean female escorts, they’re one of the top choices of customers when it comes to engaging local social escort services in Singapore. With a range of girls with styles from girl-next-door to office ladies, SG VIP Escorts is definitely a great choice of agency if you prefer dating local Singaporean girls. Overall rating: 9/10.

Second of all, it will be Royce International Escorts (check them out: Specializing in international (in terms of nationality as well as races) girls, Royce is an older company, and is a good choice if you want to pick international races for your escort. However, in my opinion, this defeats the purpose especially for foreigners, because what’s the point of flying to Singapore to engage a girl you can find in your own city? Nonetheless, due to the quality of their women, I would rate then 8.5/10 for international escorts.

Who should you choose? This answer is only something you can choose yourself. In my opinion, as long as the social escort is pretty and intelligent and can make small talk with the people at the events I would bring her too, she would have already fulfilled all the criteria. Of course, I have a soft spot for local Singaporean girls, so I would personally prefer SG VIP Escorts. However, if you prefer white girls, then definitely choose Royce.

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