What Does A Social Escort In Singapore Really Do?

There is a common misunderstanding in Singapore about the term ‘social escort’, because so many people spoil the meaning of it without even understanding what a social escort really does.

If you’re feeling lazy, just watch the video below. Otherwise, read on to for a quick summary of the scope of what an escort in Singapore actually does.

A social escort is basically a professional model who accompanies clients to events or dates. The role of an escort girl is to act as a girlfriend/wife/partner of the customer. Keep in mind though, that an escort’s main role is to do all the things that a normal girlfriend would do with her boyfriend, EXCEPT for sexual services. Sexual services is strictly prohibited and not part of social escort services in SG. Perhaps the rule may be different with other countries’ laws, but that’s the case for Singapore.

Escort girls usually work with a local agency which will find them jobs, as most girls do this as a part time, evening gig for additional and large sums of cash. Also, because most social escorts in Singapore have a day job, they don’t have time nor the resources nor the ability to look for such jobs, as customers don’t exactly walk around in public. Therefore, relying on a professional agency such as SG VIP ESCORT is usually the common choice for many girls in Singapore who take it up as a career.

As you can tell from the video below, a social escort is a professional companion who is very sociable, extremely flirty and playful, and very similar to that of hostess (but far more elegant and educated) and kind of similar to that of geishas. A lot of people had misunderstandings, so you may want to watch the video below as well as read the other articles on my website to learn more about escorts in Singapore instead of coming to a wrong concept. If you are still confused, I recommend you Google and check out more articles about them before coming up with any conclusions.

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