How To Pick A Social Escort Agency In Singapore

There are a few legitimate, and established social escort agencies in Singapore which you can pick your options from. Here are some of them and my recommendations on how you should make your decision.

First of all, you should take note of the agency’s name and their UEN number. First of all, all agencies that you are considering engaging must have a UEN. This is a special corporate entity number which is issued to all legal and registered businesses in Singapore. If they do not have a UEN or have an invalid UEN, this means that their social escort agency is illegal and you may get prosecuted if you do business with them.

Second of all, assuming the agency you are considering is registered, then you want to next think about the type of girls you love. For example, some local Singapore agencies specializes inĀ Singaporean social escorts, while others specializes in international girls. Make sure to make the right choice.

Next of all, most people may have a fetish or preference to date a girl of a particular ethnicity, so make sure to think about this clearly first before looking at the agencies’ photographs and making your decision for the social escort services.

Fourthly, you should know whether you want to go on a private date with the escort or bring her out to a public gala or business convention event. This is because most agencies will reject and cancel your order without refund if you do not tell them properly. Singapore is still a very culturally conservative country, and these escort girls usually do not tell their family and friends about them being in this business despite the full legality about it. If you were to suddenly bring them to a public event, instead of a private date, chances are, it will become much more likely for other people to recognize the girl. Therefore, the charges for a public event is much higher.

Finally, pick a social escort agency which is capable of providing you the girl that you truly want to pick, as after all, it’s something like short term dating.

There you go, the rules are simple, but you must know them to pick the right agency and enjoy your time with the escort.

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