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Why Engaging A Social Escort Agency Is Better

There is a reason why agencies like SG VIP Escorts are so popular in Singapore, while independent escorts are not. The reasons are aplenty, and here are some of the best ones:

  • First of all, legal agencies in Singapore are registered with the local government, and just like any other business, their reputation is at stake if they were to send you a girl who looks completely different from the photographs they show you. If they want to remain in business for a long time, which the legal ones obviously do, they will need to uphold their reputation by guaranteeing the authenticity of their photographs. However, independent girls on dodgy websites like Backpage have been proven to fake their photographs, and the simple reason being they only want to make a few hundred dollars and get out of the business altogether. They are not in it for the long haul.
  • Second of all, as a client, you do not need to worry about the girl being underaged or foreign if you were to engage a reputable agency. On the other hand, if you look for a girl off Craigslist (or Locanto Singapore), chances are, you will end up with lots of fake girls and underaged ones. The worst thing about using independents is the fake ones – if you are into girls who look 50kg heavier than their photos and 10 years older, then go for it. Otherwise, do not look for independents.
  • Third of all, most Singaporean girls are very conservative, and that is why an overwhelming majority likes to go through an agency to find clients. This means that there are probably less than a handful of girls who are working independently if you prefer local SG girls. Do not get me wrong, there are, but additionally, around half of them are not that good looking as no one can ‘vet’ how good looking they are. So all of them claim they are good looking. The main benefit with an agency is that they do not need to push a particular model to you, if you like a particular style / vibe on a social escort, they can simply recommend the most suitable one for you. They make money either way, so there is no incentive for them to lie to you.

Why Do Singaporean Social Escorts Cover Their Faces?

If you have engaged social escorts in Singapore as well as in other countries, what you will quickly realize is that Singaporean social escort models do not reveal their faces.

This is a country wide phenomenon, and the biggest reason for it is because Singapore has a very conservative culture, and additionally, most escorts in Singapore are not full time escort models. They actually are either students or are office ladies and do part time as a social escort. This essentially means that they do not want their work as a escort being revealed to anyone else other than the agency manager and the direct clients.

As there is still a taboo around this topic in Singapore, most people and models prefer just not talking about it, even if they work as one and are happily working as one on part time basis. In fact, most escorts love the job because it’s simple money for them, while clients are more than happy to pay to enjoy their companionship. This is the reason why job openings at well established and registered agencies like SG VIP Escorts get a lot of demand and many models apply for it although they may not publicly discuss their work with family or friends in Singapore.

This is really about a matter of privacy. Just like customers of such agencies in Singapore are discreet and want their utmost privacy, the models also demand the same. Therefore, any self respecting agency will respect the wishes of both the clients and the escorts by protecting their privacy. This is the reason why independent escorts are not popular in Singapore, while agencies are very popular.

How To Pick A Social Escort Agency In Singapore

There are a few legitimate, and established social escort agencies in Singapore which you can pick your options from. Here are some of them and my recommendations on how you should make your decision.

First of all, you should take note of the agency’s name and their UEN number. First of all, all agencies that you are considering engaging must have a UEN. This is a special corporate entity number which is issued to all legal and registered businesses in Singapore. If they do not have a UEN or have an invalid UEN, this means that their social escort agency is illegal and you may get prosecuted if you do business with them.

Second of all, assuming the agency you are considering is registered, then you want to next think about the type of girls you love. For example, some local Singapore agencies specializes in Singaporean social escorts, while others specializes in international girls. Make sure to make the right choice.

Next of all, most people may have a fetish or preference to date a girl of a particular ethnicity, so make sure to think about this clearly first before looking at the agencies’ photographs and making your decision for the social escort services.

Fourthly, you should know whether you want to go on a private date with the escort or bring her out to a public gala or business convention event. This is because most agencies will reject and cancel your order without refund if you do not tell them properly. Singapore is still a very culturally conservative country, and these escort girls usually do not tell their family and friends about them being in this business despite the full legality about it. If you were to suddenly bring them to a public event, instead of a private date, chances are, it will become much more likely for other people to recognize the girl. Therefore, the charges for a public event is much higher.

Finally, pick a social escort agency which is capable of providing you the girl that you truly want to pick, as after all, it’s something like short term dating.

There you go, the rules are simple, but you must know them to pick the right agency and enjoy your time with the escort.

Living As A Social Escort In Singapore

Most local Singapore social escorts don’t do their job full time in Singapore. Additionally, many girls who work as social escorts in Singapore are usually highly educated and eloquent ladies who hold high paying jobs outside. They simply do social escort work for their additional income (yes, social escort services pay very well).

If you are wondering, a good social escort can make upwards of $200 to $400 per hour in Singapore. And these days, in 2024, it even feels like mature escorts can also make good money! But that is not the topic of this blog post.

So how is it really being a social escort in Singapore? How are their lives really like? How do escorts lead their daily lives? Do social escorts in Singapore lead very different lives from a typical Singaporean girl? The truth may surprise you. Here are some key things you may find interesting:

  • First of all, social escorts don’t usually tell any friends nor family members about themselves being in this line. Many Singaporeans are still culturally conservative, and this means that if a girl were to tell her friends and family that she were a social escort, even though it’s perfectly legal and nothing morally wrong, she will be looked down upon. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary privacy issues, many escorts simply keep mum about them being one. After all, nobody likes kaypoh family relatives poking their nosy selves into their lives.As a result of this, many escorts, even though they can potentially make a full time income or even more working just a few hours a week, prefer also having a side job. Then during those family gatherings, they will be able to use that as a conversation topic if people ask them what they do for a living.
  • Second of all, social escorts make a lot of money, especially when combined with a normal, professional full time job. This means that they will easily arouse unwanted attention if they were to spend it on flashy items such as handbags e.t.c. as their full time job cannot afford them such luxuries yet at such a young age. Add on to the fact that most social escorts are aged 19 to 26, flashy bags after flashy bags will be very attention seeking. This is especially if their parents are poor. So, many escorts keep their purchases to a minimum.Therefore, most escorts who want to be secretive about their work usually dress and wear normally outside of their social escorting times. In fact, many girls save up or invest those money, instead of spending!
  • Third of all, if you’re proud to be a social escort, then it would be fine. However, if you’re worried about your family finding it out, it can be quite hard to avoid if you get popular. This is because most clients are either foreigners or local businessmen or top executives and so they usually are only able to date you in the evenings or the weekends. When you’re out and about almost every weekday evening, your family may find it suspicious.Therefore, you want to think for yourself if you suit such a lifestyle. If you do, then perhaps, you have what it takes to be a successful social escort in Singapore.

Nonetheless, don’t believe the mainstream media, as being a social escort with a registered agency is perfectly legal. Some think that oh because it is in the adult entertainment business, it is illegal. So let us think about this – are night clubs illegal? Is selling cigarettes illegal? They are not, but if they do certain practices wrongly, then yes it can be illegal. Now, here are some disclaimers. If you do it yourself without declaring or registering a business/company, then it is illegal. So don’t make that mistake and simply join a registered agency. Some agencies do not allow you to join other agencies while others are more relaxed with respect to that rule, so make sure to find out before signing up with any agency.

If you’re really interested in finding out more about being a social escort in Singapore, then watch the following video. Just like any other job, you want to do your own research, and find out as much as you possibly can before being one. This way, you are well prepared mentally what will happen and what you should do. There is no on job training for escorts – this is not Google! You will very often be thrown into the deep end of the pool. Therefore, make sure to do very thorough research online about the entire female escort industry before becoming one.