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Why Do Singaporean Social Escorts Cover Their Faces?

If you have engaged social escorts in Singapore as well as in other countries, what you will quickly realize is that Singaporean social escort models do not reveal their faces.

This is a country wide phenomenon, and the biggest reason for it is because Singapore has a very conservative culture, and additionally, most escorts in Singapore are not full time escort models. They actually are either students or are office ladies and do part time as a social escort. This essentially means that they do not want their work as a escort being revealed to anyone else other than the agency manager and the direct clients.

As there is still a taboo around this topic in Singapore, most people and models prefer just not talking about it, even if they work as one and are happily working as one on part time basis. In fact, most escorts love the job because it’s simple money for them, while clients are more than happy to pay to enjoy their companionship. This is the reason why job openings¬†at well established and registered agencies like SG VIP Escorts get a lot of demand and many models apply for it although they may not publicly discuss their work with family or friends in Singapore.

This is really about a matter of privacy. Just like customers of such agencies in Singapore are discreet and want their utmost privacy, the models also demand the same. Therefore, any self respecting agency will respect the wishes of both the clients and the escorts by protecting their privacy. This is the reason why independent escorts are not popular in Singapore, while agencies are very popular.